Mighty Party

82 5M
Tile-based & fast-paced innovative battle system. Easy to grasp and extremely tactical! Infinite squad combinations from dozens of Champions with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Lots of ways to power-up Heroes: level-up them, bind them with others, turn them into GOLD ones!
Turf Wars is a new widescale game mode where Guilds fight against each other for the most valuable territories. Prepare for glory!
Captivating PVP (Rankings, Tournaments, Events, Survival, Raids etc.) with great rewards!
Apr 6, 2017


Lead your MIGHTY PARTY to victory! Fast 3-MINUTE BATTLES will not let you get bored! Dozens of heroes reveal THOUSANDS of unique tactics to defeat all the opponents. Play Imperial Archer, protect him with Wind Ninja, strengthen them with Magic of Divinity and destroy opponent’s forces.


Explained in-game

November 28, 2021

Heroes! The Wish Shop is waiting for you tomorrow! You'll be able to choose the legendary heroes you want in your squad. But choose wisely. The ones you choose won't be available in the next two appearances of the Wish Shop! The number of heroes will depend on your maximum league attained at the time of the Wish Shop appearance: ⭐From league 23 to 16 - 1 hero! ⭐⭐From league 15 to 6 - 2 heroes! ⭐⭐⭐From league 5 to GM - 3 heroes! ⏳ The Wish Shop will become available at 10:00 (UTC) on November 26 and will be active until 10:00 (UTC) on November 29. And of course don't forget that every 24 hours you can open a chest for free!

November 28, 2021

Heroes! ⚔ Only once a year, a mystical eclipse occurs on Pangea. The inhabitants look forward to this mysterious phenomenon. For then merchants simply go crazy and give away goods for nothing. The news of the great sale, like a fever, covers the farthest corners of our world, because everyone is in a hurry to get better goods and save the gold to buy something useful for their squad. ⏳Keep your wits about you during the eclipse and remember the most important dates: 11.24-11.27: Special Offers 11.26-11.29: Black Friday 11.29-12.02: Cyber Monday ⭐Hurry up, get your hands on untold riches and conquer new heights!

November 17, 2021

Heroes! ⚔ A traitor was discovered in the ranks of the Lord Protector. They have learned much that Adam would have preferred to keep secret forever. It's essential to stop them before they share everything with all of Pangea! Complete Quests! Get Runes! ✨ Open event chests to find the souls of the heroes: Erik the Grey, Groot, Silent Guardian, and Scrap, King of Garbage! ⏳ RAT RACE starts on November 19 at 10:00 (UTC). ⭐ Runes will disappear with the end of the event, so make sure to spend them before that!
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