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One Room Dungeon

50 52K
Space Drift
Apr 4, 2018


Explore a mysterious and exciting dungeon filled with exciting mysteries without ever leaving the same room!

Why would you change rooms when clearly this one has all the danger and excitement and danger that one could possibly need?!

Come to the One Room Dungeon, live the rest of your newly mysterious-and-exciting life there, and see how far you will go in the One Room Dungeon!!!


The controls are the arrow keys and the X key.
Can also be played with a controller, with B as the X key.

Run around with the arrow keys, walk on all the shiny tiles to unlock the room and then press X together with an arrow key to slam against a wall and move the room.

April 4, 2018

Patch! Hopefully this answers some of the early criticism the game has been getting! :) - Toned down all the screen shake (a lot) - Added an indicator showing where the player is after changing room - Made the enemy-spawning tiles flash after changing room
bonus tip: the chain enemies are slow, you can lure them one way and then get around them the other!
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